Friday, August 12, 2011

Union Looking for a Photog

From CEP 2040 (one of my unions):

A fellow union is seeking a unionized freelance photographer to work at their upcoming convention in Toronto. The basic specs of the job are to photograph convention delegates, events (inside and outside), and exhibits in Toronto for about 1 week at the end of October of this year (mostly day time, but at least 2 long days -- to midnight or later).

For technical, they need people who:

1) work in digital,
2) have have a viewing system that can be set up at a table to display the photos to convention delegates so that they can choose the photo they want
3) has bilingual staff that can work at the table so that orders can be placed
4) can supply printed frames for the photos

If you can meet these specs then please email me directly ( so I can pass your name on.

In solidarity
Michael OReilly, President
Canadian Freelance Union (CFU) | CEP Local 2040 |
Phone: 613-686-3389 | Fax: please arrange in advance
403 - 307 Euclid Ave. Thunder Bay, ON, P7E 6G6

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