Thursday, August 30, 2012

Celebrate Labour Day With a Little Solidarity and a Free Book!

Enjoy the long weekend for sure, but if you can, take a few minutes to send protest and solidarity messages to the workers around the world whose unions have asked for our help.  Links to all of LabourStart’s active campaigns can be found HERE.

As a kind of digital thank-you, LabourStart Canada would like to make it easy for you to get some great Labour Day reading.  Cory Doctorow’s For the Win (sub-titled ‘Online or offline, you’ve got to organize to survive’) is a great novel about digital economy workers organizing the world’s first truly global union.  The book is available in hard- and soft-cover in your local bookstore, but Cory is a fan of Creative Commons licencing and so he has made For the Win available online for downloading HERE.  The download is free, but if you like the book (and you will), then consider a contribution or just buy a few paper copies for birthdays and such.

If you take a break from your reading and attend a Labour Day picnic, march or other union-sponsored event, take a few photos and send them to us at for possible use as our Photo of the Week.

And if after all that you’re really filled with the spirit of Labour Day, consider joining LabourStart as a volunteer correspondent.  Our volunteers collect the links to labour news that make LabourStart the site where trade unionists start their day.  For more information or to sign on just go HERE or respond to this message.

Thanks for your time and attention, get out there and enjoy the long weekend as soon as you can!