Wednesday, March 31, 2010

NGWF Follow-up on 21 Worker Deaths

National Garments Workers Federation (N.G.W.F ) submitted a Memorandum on 30 March to the Labour Ministry of Bangladesh Government, related to the fire at Garib & Garib Factory on 25th February 2010.

NGWF claimed that this is not an accident case rather than the case of 21 garments workers killing . its mentioned that – Gazipur Local Government Investigation team identified 4 causes for this death that report submitted on 3rd March,2010. All these 4 cases are directly related to violation of labour law and negligence. And within the last 8 month it is the 3rd fire case. But before this 3rd fire factory Management didn’t care about it. So NGWF consider this case as a workers killing because of violation of labour law and negligence.

NGWF also mentioned that for this killing the Factory Owner is responsible. Also the Buyers, BGMEA and local Government can’t ignore this responsibility too.

So NGWF demanded to Labour Ministry to take immediate action against the issue they mention before in the memorandum, as below:

1. the immediate arrest,trial and punishment of the owner of Garib & Garib Sweater factory against the violation of labour law, negligence and 21 workers killing.

2. Tk. 5,000,00/ (Five Hundred Thousand Taka) cash Compensation for each of the Death Family.

3. Proper treatment & Compensation for the injured workers.

4. Greater compensation from all Buyers, BGMEA, Government & owners for the Death Family.

5. Payment of the whole workers for the period of factory closer.

6. An investigation committee must firmed with the proper representative of Trade-Union to investigate the 3 fires in this factory including the 25th February,2010.

7. Ensure the Health & security, proper working condition and basic rights of the worker’s in th factory.

Before submission the memorandum to the labour ministry there was a big gathering on muktaanggan, central place of the capital city at 12:30 P.M. Presided by Mr. Amirul Haque Amin NGWF leaders including Miss Safia Pervin, Sultana Akter and Arju Ara spoke at the gathering.

Representatives of Aal the trade unions alliances like : Dr. Oajedul Islam Khan – co ordinator of the SKOP (umbrella of the multi sectoral national trade union federation), Ray Ramesh Chandra – president of the BNC ( umbrella of 14 affiliates of the ITGLWF), Salauddin Swapon – co ordinator of the Bangladesh Garment Workers Unity Council (umbrella of 17 garment workers federations), Advocate Mahbubur Rahman Ismail – co ordinator of Garment workers action council (umbrella of 9 garment workers federations), Mr. Sahidulla Badal – co ordinator of the garment workers and industries national protection alliance (umbrella of 16 garment workers federations) also express their solidarity.

After the rally started the procession towards the Ministry, Police Barry gate them and 5 Federation central Leaders handed over the memorandum to the Ministry. They also mentioned that NGWF will continue the campaigns ,struggle and action until the demands are met.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

International call for a fair and just labour law in Iraq

From the General Federation of Trade Unions of Iraq:

Almost seven years have passed since the fall of the former regime, yet many of its laws and decisions continue to apply, denying workers the most basic of freedoms. Workers in the public sector are denied the right to organise and join trade unions and collective bargaining is almost impossible. Without laws guaranteeing freedom of association, various state ministries are threatening to seize union assets and ban their activities.

These laws are undermining the immense contribution democratic and independent trade unions can make to Iraq’s fledgling democracy.

We support the Iraqi Labour Campaign and its call on the Iraqi Government and the Parliament to put in place a fair and just law labour law which would:

* Enable workers to make workplaces safer, prevent discrimination and harassment, ensure equality of opportunity, improve skills and education, increase workplace productivity and morale, collectively bargain for fairer wages, protect the most vulnerable workers and be part of a mature system of industrial relations.

* Allow trade unions to be supported by their members, accountable to their members according to internal rules and free from outside political interference.

* Finally give workers their fundamental rights as provided for in the Iraqi constitution and the core conventions of the International Labour Organisation.

* Help build a free, fair and prosperous federal Iraq for everyone.

Take 30 seconds out of your day and jo join this campaign by going HERE.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

LabourStart Conference Reg Now Open!

Registration for the 2010 LabourStart Unions and Global Solidarity conference is now open at:

Friday, March 5, 2010

Free Seher Tümer!

Union activist Seher Tümer, Branch Secretary of PSI affiliate SES (the trade union of public employees in health and social services), will spend International Women’s Day 2010 in prison.

But international solidarity action could open the door to freedom for her.

Ms Tümer has now been detained in an F-type prison for almost a year, with no clear charges being brought against her. PSI is convinced that her arrest is linked to her activities in the labour and women’s movements in that country, including participating in International Women’s Day activities last year. Tumer, who is Kurdish, was arrested and imprisoned in April 2009. Her case mirrors that of fellow union leader Meryem Özsöðüt, who faced similar charges of belonging to a terrorist organisation. (Özsöðüt was released after eight months in prison following a major international protest campaign led by PSI.)

PSI has been closely following this case. Ms Tümer’s next court appearance is planned for 9 March, PSI and EPSU have sent a joint letter of protest to the Turkish Prime Minister demanding that all charges be dropped and that she be immediately released.

PSI urgently calls on trade unions and concerned organisations to write similar letters of protest. Join the Labourstart Campaign and send a letter of protest now.

Just go HERE.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Support Mexican Miners LabourStart Campaign!

Some 1,200 members of Mexico's National Miners' and Metalworkers' Union, or Los Mineros, have been on strike since July 2007 at the Cananea mine over health and safety and other contract violations.

Grupo Mexico, the mining giant which operates Cananea, and the Mexican government have continuously tried to end the strike and crush the union.

They have threatened and jailed union leaders, illegally frozen union bank accounts and failed to investigate or prosecute assassinations of union members.

On February 11th, a federal court gave Grupo Mexico permission to fire the striking workers and terminate the labor agreement. The government has threatened to use armed force to gain control of Cananea.

The Los Mineros members at Cananea are resolved to continue occupying the mine until a fair labour agreement is reached. Los Mineros is one of the strongest and most democratic trade unions in Mexico.

Take a moment to send off your letter of protest today from the LabourStart website today by going HERE.