Wednesday, March 31, 2010

NGWF Follow-up on 21 Worker Deaths

National Garments Workers Federation (N.G.W.F ) submitted a Memorandum on 30 March to the Labour Ministry of Bangladesh Government, related to the fire at Garib & Garib Factory on 25th February 2010.

NGWF claimed that this is not an accident case rather than the case of 21 garments workers killing . its mentioned that – Gazipur Local Government Investigation team identified 4 causes for this death that report submitted on 3rd March,2010. All these 4 cases are directly related to violation of labour law and negligence. And within the last 8 month it is the 3rd fire case. But before this 3rd fire factory Management didn’t care about it. So NGWF consider this case as a workers killing because of violation of labour law and negligence.

NGWF also mentioned that for this killing the Factory Owner is responsible. Also the Buyers, BGMEA and local Government can’t ignore this responsibility too.

So NGWF demanded to Labour Ministry to take immediate action against the issue they mention before in the memorandum, as below:

1. the immediate arrest,trial and punishment of the owner of Garib & Garib Sweater factory against the violation of labour law, negligence and 21 workers killing.

2. Tk. 5,000,00/ (Five Hundred Thousand Taka) cash Compensation for each of the Death Family.

3. Proper treatment & Compensation for the injured workers.

4. Greater compensation from all Buyers, BGMEA, Government & owners for the Death Family.

5. Payment of the whole workers for the period of factory closer.

6. An investigation committee must firmed with the proper representative of Trade-Union to investigate the 3 fires in this factory including the 25th February,2010.

7. Ensure the Health & security, proper working condition and basic rights of the worker’s in th factory.

Before submission the memorandum to the labour ministry there was a big gathering on muktaanggan, central place of the capital city at 12:30 P.M. Presided by Mr. Amirul Haque Amin NGWF leaders including Miss Safia Pervin, Sultana Akter and Arju Ara spoke at the gathering.

Representatives of Aal the trade unions alliances like : Dr. Oajedul Islam Khan – co ordinator of the SKOP (umbrella of the multi sectoral national trade union federation), Ray Ramesh Chandra – president of the BNC ( umbrella of 14 affiliates of the ITGLWF), Salauddin Swapon – co ordinator of the Bangladesh Garment Workers Unity Council (umbrella of 17 garment workers federations), Advocate Mahbubur Rahman Ismail – co ordinator of Garment workers action council (umbrella of 9 garment workers federations), Mr. Sahidulla Badal – co ordinator of the garment workers and industries national protection alliance (umbrella of 16 garment workers federations) also express their solidarity.

After the rally started the procession towards the Ministry, Police Barry gate them and 5 Federation central Leaders handed over the memorandum to the Ministry. They also mentioned that NGWF will continue the campaigns ,struggle and action until the demands are met.

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