Saturday, July 23, 2011

Support Palestinian Workers' Strike

On 16 June, 35 Palestinian workers at Salit Quarries in Mishor Adumim (in area C, east of Jerusalem, in the Occupied West Bank) began a strike. The workers, organized with the independent union WAC-Ma'an, are demanding an end to exploitation and humiliation, and insist on signing a first collective agreement.

Salit Quarries’ main customer is Readymix Industries (Israel). The total reliance of Salit Quarry on Readymix as their biggest and by far the most important customer puts responsibility on Readymix to make sure that their clients abides by labour laws and safeguards elementary rights for the workers of Salit. The workers call upon Readymix to urge the Salit management to terminate this unnecessary strike by signing the collective agreement with the workers and WAC-Ma’an.

In just 20 seconds or less you can send a message to Readymix HERE.

This is a LaburStart campaign in partnership with the Workers Advice Center, an independent representative workers organization, uniting workers regardless of nationality, religion, gender or the color of their skin.

This campaign is currently available in 8 languages, including Arabic and Hebrew.

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