Monday, September 10, 2018

Self-Intro From the Northumberland Coalition for Social Justice

As you may have heard or read, a good number of progressive folks in Northumberland have created and are working to grow the Northumberland Coalition for Social Justice, inspired, if that is the word, by the recent provincial election.
The NCSJ is a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to social justice and based in Northumberland County. The Coalition was created for the purpose of mutual assistance and solidarity. It undertakes activities as a Coalition but also organizes its members to support social justice actions led by member organizations and others.
The NCSJ is definitely a work in progress. We’re have a steering committee composed of Kim McArthur-Jackson and Derek Blackadder as Co-Chairs along with Linda MacKenzie-Nicholas, Dan Tobin and Deborah O’Connor.
Look for a notice of an open meeting to help set the NCSJ’s direction in the next few weeks.
In the meantime you can reach us at and on Facebook where we have a page called Northumberland Coalition for Social Justice.
We are building a contact list for occasional mailings about actions that you can participate. Like the Labour Council rally this Saturday at noon at our MPP’s office. As you may have heard the Ontario Chamber of Commerce is lobbying the Tories hard to reverse the very modest improvements that the last government made to the Employment Standards Act.
This will hurt the worst-paid and the most precariously-employed workers in Ontario.
See you Saturday I hope.
And if you would like to join our mailing list just send a request to .

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