Monday, March 7, 2016

Sources for (Mostly) Creative Commons Licenced Photos

Unsplash came recommended to me when I complained about Flickr as a source for Creative Commons-licensed photos that I could use for various publications both on- and offline.  Complained that there were only 800 or so unions and workers contributing photos to my fave unions group there I mean. 
Some nice stuff there on Unsplash.  See for yourself at

Others recommended it and all these and if I was the newsletter editor for my local curling club or school council or a local union websteward in need of some non-work-related photos I’d find most of them quite handy.  But the truth is that not only Flickr just way bigger but it’s THE spot for union photos.  The only down side to it is a regrettable tendency on the part of union photogs to not make full use of Flickr’s simple-to-use features that get their photos out there.  Flickr makes tags easy and if you haven’t added your photo to at least one multi-union group (the Labour and Trade Unions group being my fave) then you’ve made a mistake and quite possibly wasted your image.
Still, if you can't find what you need with a CC license on, here's a list of other sources:

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