Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Labour Day Review From LabourStart Canada

Most years Labour Day marks the end of the vacation season and a return to the slog.  This year is different.  From Canada Post to funeral homes, global furniture retailers to small town governments, employers have been aggressively pressing their agenda all summer long.  Workers who should have been on holiday were walking picket lines instead.

On Friday the rest of us will be heading out to enjoy the long weekend and perhaps a march or a picnic or some other celebration of Labour Day.  Before you go consider lending a hand to people sitting in an Egyptian prison or walking a picket line in St. John’s or Toronto or Richmond.

Just a few seconds of your time can mean a real morale boost for these folks.  All our campaigns are listed along the right side of our Canadian union news page right HERE.  Three are Canadian campaigns, but you can also celebrate Labour Day with some support for unions in Peru, India, Philippines and the USA.  If you join each and every one of our campaigns you will still have lost no more than a minute of your long weekend.

Leaving you with 4319 to enjoy with friends and family. J

On a cheerier note we have two optimistic items for you this Labour Day weekend.  Starting Saturday you can follow the founding convention of Unifor (the result of the CAW-CEPO merger) online at

And if you’re in the mood for new (and free!) takes on union classics you can download a CD’s worth of Labour Day music from UFCW Canada HERE.

Thanks.  Enjoy the long weekend.

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