Saturday, May 14, 2011

LabourStart Needs You!

We do. Really. In 2 different ways. So hopefully you will excuse the longer than usual message.

First, we are always looking for volunteer correspondents. Our volunteers don’t write the stories they post to LabourStart, but they do take a few minutes a month or a day to find stories on union and news media websites and to post those stories to LabourStart.

We make it easy for you to volunteer. Our database interface is simple and a couple of cut-and-paste operations is all it takes to get a story onto LabourStart.

More info can be found HERE.

Second, LabourStart’s services to unions are all offered at no charge. Our newswires, our e-campaigning, everything else as well – all free. The only fees we have ever charged are for registration at our global solidarity conferences. And even then we’ve worked to keep the cost to workers down and to assist delegates who would not otherwise be able to attend.

So each May we make an effort to solicit donations from unions and individuals in support of our work.

If you personally can make a contribution, great. But, better yet, take this request for assistance to your union. If your union connects with LabourStart in this way then all its members have. The result? Both LabourStart and your union are stronger. As important as the money is to our operation, building our network is even more important. A donation from your union does both.

Donations can be made by cheque (send a request for our mailing address) or online HERE.


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