Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Int'l Labour News Radio Show Coming

A group of international union activists is getting together to start a labour audio show on the Internet. The show, which will be hosted by labour educator Marc Belanger, will feature news about union activities around the globe. The 20 minute audiocast, called Solidarity News, will be presented on www.radiolabour.net every Monday.

RadioLabour is currently looking for volunteer reporters to provide one or two minute English-language audio reports about union activities in their region of the world. The reporters would be expected to provide their audio-report (as an MP3 file) and a written script of the report. To volunteer, or find out more about the project, email Marc at: m.belanger@radiolabour.org

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John said...

Had a quick listen to Marc's placeholder file. Hadn't thought about it before but listening to him, he has a great voice for radio - clear and lively. Plus he's well plugged in internationally so it could be a pretty engaging show I'd hope.