Friday, August 14, 2009

Spammers Target UnionBook

Holy snappin' arseholes! It takes a lot to get me off one of my fave activities (Geri thinks of it as a manifestation of my OCD): travel planning at 0500 in a strange city.

Day 2 in Washington (hello housebreakers, we have a housesitter!) and I should be planning today's walking, but am flummoxed by the intensity of the spammer attack on UnionBook. I have never seen this from the inside before. Astounding.

Amazing. Really. If a crowd on a streetcorner (like the Jews for Jesus loon we ran into yesterday at the White House, only a herd of them) came after me like these spammers are at UnionBook, I'd lose patience right quick and whack them. Or at least give them a sharp elbow. Hopefully in the neighbourhood of a deep hole with sharpened poles stuck in the bottom.

All that energy and time in the cause of making me happier with the state of my nether region or getting me connected with a Canadian pharmacy (I can walk from home to ten or so, thanks very much).

Trying to get a fix on this with some U. of Oxford Internet Institute podcasts on security and spammers and by heading to our hotel's gym to work out with a punching bag.

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