Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Hero: Tamie Dolny

First she does a one-off piece for the Toronto Star on her experiences as a 16 year-old lifeguard on strike (see it HERE), now she has a job as a regular picket line columnist for the same paper (see HERE).

Read the second article especially.

Tamie for CLC president!


Tenant & taxpayer said...

Too bad she gets her facts wrong by claiming that tenants don't pay property taxes!

See Toronto property taxes on apartments.

Derek Blackadder said...

Sorry, but my read is that the owner is taxed and passes it along. Which I know in the end may amount to the same thing, but explains her statement.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is time that we have real leadership at the CLC. I agree lets start a group to get Tamie elected to president........

Tamie for CLC president!

Anonymous said...

Tamie Dolny, a second generation City of Toronto employee and member of CUPE lives in the upper middle class Old Mill-Kingsway area of Etobicoke which enjoys privatized garbage pickup. Her father is supposedly a City of Toronto Manager, but I don't see any one by the name of Dolny listed on the City of Toronto website employee directory. She also supposedly writes her column herself.
I have a house in High Park, no car and 3 large bags of garbage in my basement along with some flies. She with her weekly garbage pickup incites the strikers to prevent me from dumping my waste.