Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stop Worrying and Enjoy Your Life!

Heard about the global campaign for atheist bus adverts to counter advertising by organized religions?

"There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life" is appearing on buses across Europe, Australia and now Toronto.

Personally I'd rather Cobourg than Toronto, but perhaps it's best to start small and work up.

To contribute money towards the Toronto campaign go to:

You can also use the site the suggest that the campaign be extended to include Cobourg...or your own home town for that matter.


John said...

Yay! I've not caught a glipse of an athebus myself yet, but looking out for them.

This was a really interesting campaign - so much money from so many people so quickly (they got my fiver about the time they'd gone five times over their appeal total, 24 hours on).

Everyone doing it because it really struck a chord, but also because it was out of left-field - simple, fun and utterly new. How do we go about making our next campaigns quite so effortless and natural for people to want to support?

Derek Blackadder said...

Same thing happened here, there's already enough money for the Toronto campaign, I understand they are now looking to expand it. All in a week or so.

On your question, I dunno, but we seem to stumble on them now and then. The TUC's photo mosaic campaign re. Zimbabwe for example.