Sunday, December 14, 2008

Online Ed Tool

We don’t see enough union education and training online. It should be a natural for us as online education leaps with a single bound many of the obstacles (cost, distance, schedules) traditional union education methods face.

With web-comfort and access rising in the past few years the remaining major obstacles are organizational inertia (ahem!) and clunky yet wildly software.

Moodle intends to change that. It is, of course, open source software. It’s been around since 2002 but is really taking off. There’s a large base of users who are continuously fine-tuning it. Check out Moodle’s blog for an impressive list of organizations using it for online education.


John said...

And it's extensible - even going into Second Life so you can share a classroom around the world with (you guessed it) Sloodle:

Derek Blackadder said...

Too cool.

I should have known you would point that out, guru of all things SL...