Saturday, November 22, 2008

CUPE 3903 Strike Site Sideswiped

Chris Lawson at CUPE sent the following along. Lesson: grab all the domains you can that might be used against you, while you can.

Please help CUPE 3903. They're in week two of a strike and they've been sideswiped by someone who registered and pointed it at the university web site.

While they pursue their complaint with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, they're looking to improve their ranking on Google, so that people searching for information about the York University strike find their information, not the university's, or the anti-strike student groups'.

>> Additionally, another way to boost search engine ranking is from
>> inbound links. The more websites that link to the
>> better... and even more than quantity of links are quality. If we
>> can get a couple of very popular sites to link to us the more google
>> will like our new page! So get the word out!

Please put a link to the real CUPE 3903 site ( on your website, using "York University strike information" as the link text. Not sure how to do that? Take the following code:

York University strike information and get your web worker to put it on your page.

Thanks for your help!

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