Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Mornings My Mind Turns to Pods

There are any number of neat 'niche' podcasts out there. Most easily subscribed to off iTunes and free.

The Labour Show from Scott McWhinney (an electrician at the U of Guelph) and The State We're In from Radio Netherlands Worldwide are today's faves.

Scott uses (mostly) interviews to address issues of the day affecting workers, on the surface local, but there's something in each for anyone anywhere in Canada - and probably beyond. My only complaint is that it isn't a daily. But then since this is an indie production with mebbe 3 volunteers at work in a good week, it's not much of a complaint.

The RNW show focuses on human rights issues, broadly put, and usually includes a quirky almost humourous segment, or an odd take on a known issue.

It's nice to see the Corpse leading the podcast pack. It's getting hard to find a CBC Radio 1 show that doesn't appear as a pod for easy consumption at the Y or, if you're like me, on the long drive between repeaters. And the Radio 3 pods mean I can actually have conversations with the grandkids about music.

Filmspotting comes out of a laptop in Chicago, produced by two loonie (in the best sense) film nuts. More than just a pod, it's a cult (I'll drink their kool-aid any day) with it's own website at:

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