Tuesday, October 7, 2008

World Day for Decent Work

If you missed it, shame on you, but then you were probably working too hard/fast/long or looking for an opportunity for any kind of work.

I found a few moments, whilst sitting at my desk, to join in with some of the leafletters and picketers and shouters and...well, you can get pretty creative when you can morph your body into a lean mean propaganda machine...on Second Life. The Union Island thereon to be specific.

I still lean towards thinking that SL is useful as a picket location for workers with an employer established there but that for the rest of us it's something of a circle-youknowwhat.

Still, it was fun and I had a chance to 'see' a couple of UNI and TUC folks I haven't 'seen' since the last SL demo. Mmmm...mebbe that means I'm going over the edge SL-wise. Over the top???
The day wasn't completely geeky: Meena Varma (Meena Turbo), Director of the Dalit Solidarity Network gave a talk on Union Island on the challenges facing casteless people in India in finding decent work. Meena's talk and a general report on the SL demo today are available on Second Life Unions at:


John said...

...as is your 'photo' (showing a daring amount of cyber-midriff!): http://www.slunionisland.org/2008/10/wddw-on-union-island-uni-global-union/

Derek Blackadder said...

See, now there's one of the problems with having an avatar to represent you: in real life you would have been able to pick out my abdominals...