Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Facebook Eat S^%t and D^e!

Less than 6 hours after re-joining the Bad Book, there I was, idly amusing myself collecting friends while on a conference call and it appeared: the dreaded 'stop being so friendly or we'll give you the boot' warning.

Minutes later, after I stopped friending, I received the same warning; only this time it's because I'm leaving too many messages on walls and such in regard to the upcoming LabourTech conference.


Ahhhh....just like old times. :-)

For more info on LabourTech 2008 see:



John said...

They have your number!
Labortech looks good - What's the odds you'll still be on Facebook by the time it comes around?

Derek Blackadder said...

I think fairly good. I'm making an effort to be good, our little LabourStart test of it is done, and I found my granddaughters were happy to post news to all on FB, but less likely to accomodate granddad's needs and send me the same news by e-mail.

In the end, access to updates from the grandkids will carry the day I think.