Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Free Guide to E-mail for Unions

Alex White is an Australian trade unionist and webhead who publishes his thoughts on unions and the internet online. Now he has made available a quick guide for unions in their use of e-mail, the killer app for organizing online.

More sophisticated communicators won’t find much new here, but for the rest of us this will be an invaluable intro to integrated online communications. I'd especially recommend it to local union folks looking to build a more effective online presence and organizing capacity. If nothing else it can act as a kind of detailed checklist for new folks or activists and unions moving online.

Free to download HERE.


Doug Allan said...

Interesting Derek -- anything similar on union blogs?

Derek Blackadder said...

Coming I am told. Try John Wood's (TUC) blog for some stuff on the topic over the years:


Something you might find useful (about something we don't do enough of I think) among John's posts is this:


There's also the UNI Communicators Forum, I have seen some material there:


Not updated a lot lately (which is too bad because over the years it has been great):


And of course:


You'll have to root around a bit if you're looking for tips and tricks re. getting your word out there, but there's some good stuff here:


This is a pretty rich site, but you've probably already been through it:


Check UnionBlogs.ca for blogs you might like to sub to or to register a blog you know of as it helps drive traffic its way. And for examples of what works and what doesn't.

Then there's the UK Guide to Union Blogging, see the graphical link on this blog.

Doug Allan said...

Thanks Derek -- Haven't actually done much reading on this, so this looks useful. -- Doug